WEST MONROE, La (04/02/20) — Before the COVID-19 pandemic, local yoga instructors used to teach classes at gyms and parks around the twin cities. Places like the Wellness Center, the Hub in downtown Monroe, and Kiroli park.

“That’s kinda sad, just knowing that on Saturday mornings I would typically be at Kiroli park teaching outdoors with the community and now that’s no longer able to happen,” said Asja Jordan, Yoga Instructor & Small Business Owner.

Jordan took matters into her own hands and turned to Facebook to keep teaching the community. “I’ve contacted several instructors and line up a weekly schedule on Facebook in which they will livestream their class on their personal page and then I will share it on the NELA yoga instructors page,” said Jordan.

One instructor says even though it’s been a challenge moving classes online, she likes being able to share her practice with others from home.

“I think it’s a life saver for not just them, but for me. It’s social interaction…in a small way, but you also get to move and take care of yourself,” said Elmarie Wessels, Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet Teacher.

Jordan says yoga is not just good for physical health, but also for mental health during stressful times. “In a time like this we have to keep our perspectives in check, it’s easy to focus on the worst case scenarios or the negatives. Yoga really helps us to become aware of when we start to go down those negative thought spirals,” said Jordan.

“So be brave and embrace this new challenge in your life and do something that you’ve never tried,” said Wessels. The link to the Facebook group for the live is here.