Woman sues town of Jonesboro after claims of years of sewage issues

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JONESBORO, La. (5/28/19) —- “I’m begging, I’m begging for help.. I can’t keep living in this.” 

Renee Stringer is at her wit’s end — for five year’s she has been battling sewage running into her yard. An issue that’s troubled her family for years. 

“3 years, 11 months, and 6 days my mom lived right in there and sewer gas in the summer is so terrible and it pulls it up to my house and mother was dying of cancer and she had to live in this,” said Stringer. 

Three weeks ago Renee lost her mother and in the midst of grieving she was struggling with sewage. 

“I had to pray and ask god not to let it rain because it was raining that day she died and i asked him not to let it rain so I could get ready for her funeral,” said Stringer. 

Before her mother’s death Renee and her mother sued the town of Jonesboro. 
She said others in the area have had their problems fixed but not her and she knows why. 

“First of all I’m a woman… And second of all I think it was that one time I was involved in politics. I didn’t turn and look the other way for corruption,” said Stringer. 

Calling every government entity in Louisiana looking for help, Stringer said she won’t be silenced until someone comes forward with a solution. 

“If I have to walk seven days, seven miles, seven hours around the building and fast and pray until I die. Somebody gone fix this,” said Thompson. 

I reached out to Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson for a response. 
He tells me the town is well aware of the issue and taking the necessary steps to rectify the problem. 

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