Woman speaks out about her Facebook live video going viral, video shows her assaulting another woman

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(06/05/19) A Camden women wants to make amends after a Facebook live video went viral over the weekend. 

“It hurt my heart and I reacted in a way that I shouldn’t have. I regret everything,” Dhashia Wade said.

According to a police report obtained by Camden News, Dhashia Wade, 20, and Takira Burnell, 19, both of Camden, were taken into custody at the Day-N-Night store around 12:50 p.m. on Sunday, June 2. 

The victim, Desaray Clark, was at the home of Wilson Rogers III, Wade’s boyfriend. Wade entered the residence on suspicion that something was going on between Clark and Rogers, though he was not home at the time.

Clark stated Wade kicked the door in, punched her in the face and head multiple times, and hit her in the head multiple times with the hilt of a fixed-blade knife that Wade was carrying.

Wade and Burnell proceeded to drag Clark outside of the home by her hair. A witness recorded video on Snapchat of Wade and Burnell dragging Clark to a parked car and forcing her in.

A seperate video of the attack shows Wade driving a car while taunting Clark and recording it all on Facebook live. Moments later, Wade stops the car, opens the victims car door and proceeds to hit her.

Wade spoke exclusively with NBC10 about the attack and charges against her. She admits to most of the assault but says everything the victim stated isn’t true.

“Officers said I broke into the house. I had a knife to her throat, which I did not, at all,” Wade said.  “We did have a fight and I did have her by her hair and put her in my car.”

The events isn’t something that Wade is proud of. The videos have gained national attention and she’s received a ton of backlash for it. 

“People are saying you wrong for that and I know I’m wrong for that,” she said in tears. “I’m not perfect at all but it hurts to know I’m being judged off of mistakes that we all make.”

The 20-year-old says she just went out of control when she saw the victim at her boyfriend’s house. Wade admits she has had a tough life, having taken a beating of her own. It’s all something that has taken a mental toll on her.

“I’m still angry about being raped,” she said. “I’m angry about being abused, being left alone in the middle of the street to starve, being beaten and it still hurts me inside.”

Wade hasn’t positively dealt with the struggles that she has been facing, like many children and young adults who find themselves in trouble. She believes everything she’s been through led her to react the way she did, though she fully accepts the consequences and doesn’t want to make any excuses. 

She thinks guidance or even mentorship throughout her life would have prevented her from being in the situation she’s found herself in.

“I want to be successful who wants to struggle all of her life,” Wade said.

Now, Wade could be facing years in prison for something she says could’ve been prevented. She hopes other girls don’t make the same mistake she did.

“Be different. Leave. Get out before it gets to that point. Don’t ever lower your standards for a guy at all,”she said.

Police arrested Wade and Burnell Sunday. They appeared in court the following day and were charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault and third-degree battery. Both were released on bond. Their next court appearance hasn’t been set. 

To view the full report visit Camden News.

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