Woman claims her daughter hospitalized after metal pipe falls through bathroom ceiling

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Yokena Nickelson says it has been problem after problem for her and her five children who live in Parkview Apartments in Monroe. 

She claims management there is only putting band-aids on repairs that need serious attention.

Nickelson and her family moved here from Mississippi looking for better opportunities for her kids but she says that has not been the case. 

“I really believe they deserve a better place of living than to be living like this. My ceiling fell in and the pipe fell on my baby.”

That landed her seven-year-old daughter in the hospital. 

“I called the ambulance and they took her to [St. Francis],” says Nickelson.

She claims the incident has her child walking differently. 

“She never limp but now all of a sudden she got that limp in her walk.”

Nickelson says this hasn’t been her only concern. There’s been constant flooding and mildew in her kids’ rooms.

“It was mildew but they came and paint over the mildew spots,” says Nickelson.

Rats running through her apartment causes her even more stress. 

“I’m tired I can’t do this my kids deserve better. I just can’t be living like this I can’t keep living…house mildew you can’t be living with rats and all that you know no that’s not how that goes. I can’t sleep I’m depressed I’m weary cuz I’m here. It’s heartbreaking to me and when I look at my babies it make me want to cry.”

Nickelson says she reached out to Parkview management, Standard Enterprise corporate office, Monroe Housing Authority, even several lawyers. 

“I let her know how my apartment was flooded just out the blue i would go to bed wake up in the morning and water just be all over from my bathroom to my room door.”

Monroe Housing Authority tells me emergency housing is not available and there is a waiting list when a person applies for housing. 

We reached to Parkview apartments and Standard Enterprise to get their side of the story. They tell us the district manager is out of town and to check back later in the week. 

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