With more money to spend will Louisiana teachers be seeing more money

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MONROE, La. — (4/10/19) After decades of minimal raises, Louisiana teachers may be earning higher income. 

“The struggle now after a decade is to try and secure a thousand dollars and that’s not a lot, but it’s better than where we’ve been and what we have,” said Monroe Federation of Teachers, Sandie Lollie.

Louisiana is paying below the national average, making it even harder to retain teachers Lollie states.

“To retain and get a certified teacher and keep them, the pay needs to be commensurate with those surrounding areas, she said.

At the national level, on average teachers make any about $55,000. In Louisiana that number is around $52,000 and in Monroe it’s around $43,000; the highest in the region.

“Education is still the best bang for our buck. So some of the extra dollars that we seem to have that possibly could be called surplus, we use that towards education,” said Sen. Mike Walsworth

Sen. Walsworth believes $1,000 can go a long way and unlike with the Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) that only serves K-12 teachers. This money will serve everyone that’s left out, which he thinks is good for society as a whole.

“If you’re educated you’re out of the wagon and helping pull the wagon,” he said.

For Lollie the battle is far from over, she wants to keep fighting until Louisiana is at the national average. 

However, she says until then. “That’s a start.”

Sen. Walsworth believes Education is the best place to expend any additional resources. He is working to pass legislation that would grant access for e-textbooks for higher education.

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