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MONROE, La. –(4/10/19)  For months, the town of Wisner was relying on a single well to supply the town with water.

   “We were, what I consider, in a potential crisis mode–we could’ve been if something happened to our other well,” said Mayor Marc McCarty.

The old well was low on pressure and not operating correctly.

The town applied for and was granted emergency funding.

Wisner’s new well can pump up to 1,100 gallons of water per minute.

That well didn’t come cheap… it rang in at more that $40,000.

   “A water system for a town is so expensive. People just don’t realize how expensive–when they turn on their tap on, that water costs a fair amount,” said McCarty.

But even with a new well, there were glitches.

Last week, many residents saw black, thick water coming out of their faucets. The cause, a non-toxic mineral called manganese.

  “One of them wasn’t running as it should, and it was cutting on and off we feel that that broke loose some of the manganese that’s probably in the main line that leads from the well to the tower and we had about a week of nasty water, it was safe water it just looked bad,” said McCarty.

Water experts came in and quickly resolved the issue by flushing the manganese out of the system. While the experts were there, the mayor discussed how Wisner can continue improving their water quality.

   “We’re trying to do what we can to replace any old equipment or breaking down equipment or in our back wash system at our plant, some of our pipes there,” said McCarty.

Through Wisner’s water woes, Mayor McCarty wants to thank the citizens for being understanding.

   “Just appreciate the people being patient and nice. We’re not just guessing, we’re seeking advice from people who know,”

The new well is a little over a mile outside of town and has already provided Wisner with more than 60,000 gallons of water.

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