Wishing tree brought to Downtown Monroe for the holiday season

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MONROE, La (12/04/19) — The Downtown Monroe Alliance and Veux Church are partnering to bring a little holiday magic to the community.

This year, they are putting up a wishing tree. The two groups want the tree to bring hope to the Monroe community by giving people a chance to write their hopes and dreams on a piece of paper and potentially have them come true.

One woman at the Downtown Monroe Alliance had an interesting way of coming across something like a wishing tree in the first place.

“I was watching a Hallmark movie and it was about a wishing tree and I just liked the concept of it. It was for those people who have dreams that you know may have never even vocalized it. It was an opportunity for them to speak it and maybe start acting on it,” said Myra Gatling-Akers, Director of Downtown Monroe Alliance.

Putting the wishes on the tree is meant to be a symbol of hope to those who add to it. It gives people a chance to anonymously put their wish out into the world for others to read.

After you write a wish on a piece of paper and place it in the jar, it’ll be tied to a ribbon and placed on the tree within a few days.

Pastor Brad Ellerbe of Veux church says wishes can be anything from a child asking for a toys, prayers for a loved one, or a wish for your own life.

“I’d get up, come downtown. Make a wish. Write a thought. And who knows somebody out there may be wanting to make a wish come true and you write your wish and somebody sees your wish and says hey I wanna make this happen,” said Brad Ellerbe, Pastor at Veux Church.

If the response from the community is positive, Veux church and the Downtown Monroe Alliance have said they would consider keeping it up all year round.

The tree will be up in Bry park through the holidays if you want to stop by and write down a wish.

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