UPDATE: GoFundMe set up for couple who lost their roof to Monday night’s storms

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UPDATE (9/10/2019) — The children of Mike and Pam Davidson reached out to NBC 10 to let us know a GoFundMe page has been set up to help their parent repair their roof.

Mike Davidson told our Chelsea Jones they recently got rid of their homeowner’s police to find a more affordable option.

Mike Davidson talking to NBC 10’s Chelsea Jones

CLICK HERE to donate to the GoFundMe page to help the Davidson family.

START, La. (9/9/2019) — After a couple of weeks without rain in a matter of minutes, many areas in our region experienced dark clouds, high winds, and torrential rain. Residents in Start saw several trees and power lines no longer standing up straight.

“It was calm and then all of a sudden that wind came and it blew the roof off my house, blew two of my sheds away, broke seven trees down in my yard. It was just all at once,” said homeowner Mike Davidson.

Davidson owns ten acres of land in Start, as he recounted the moments after finishing his yard work, he mentioned how he had just walked in his house when all of a sudden his roof blew off.

“When I got off work this evening, I had no idea I was going to be sleeping in a house with no roof tonight, said Davidson.

Officials are still trying to piece together what happened across the region. Just 20 days prior to Monday’s weather, Davidson’s wife got rid of their home insurance in search of a more affordable policy. As of right now, he has to find the money to repair his house. However, despite the extensive repairs Davidson faces he says everything will be just fine.

“I’ve been through worse and I said, god’s brought me a long way and he’s not going to leave me hanging now. Nothing bad ever comes from bad, it’s always going to be good in the end!”

Richland Parish Sheriff Gary Gilley says he’s thankful no one was seriously injured. He says they are a strong community and they are going to take care of the damages and one another.

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