Steady winds blow through Lone Pine Cemetery,  swirling memories of the one who was gone in an instant.

“This murder was different, it was in the country, limited witnesses, limited evidence,” says Concordia Parish Chief Deputy, David Hedrick.

Duell Moreland was 26 years old when he disappeared on March 29’th, 2016. 

“He loved to hunt, he didn’t really bother nobody.  His life was just taken too prematurely for no reason,” says Moreland’s mother, Kim Tiffee. 

Thirty two days passed until Moreland’s skeletal remains were discovered by his own family and friends. 

“I was still looking at them clothes he had there, and Brian [a family friend] come walking up there and he had Duell’s skull in his hand,” says Moreland’s grandfather, Buddy Tiffee. 

The spot where Duell was found was deep in the woods off of Peale Cross Road next to a bayou.

“You don’t know how to get back there to where Duell was at unless you’ve lived here your whole life you don’t just randomly walk up on that spot,” Moreland’s mom says as she speculates who killed her son.

So who committed the crime?

The family points fingers to their distant cousin, 35 year old Hart Tiffee, saying the remains were found near his hunting camp.

Tiffee was arrested shortly after and charged with second degree murder. 

“Our Disrict Attorney and two judges excused thereselves from the case, so they let the Attorney General down in Baton Rouge take it over,” says Moreland’s grandfather.

Tiffee’s father, Red Tiffee, serves on the Concordia Parish Police Jury, creating conflict with the case. 

So the state’s Attorney General’s office took over.  

Six days later, they took the case before the grand jury who did not indict Tiffee because of insufficient evidence. 

We asked the AG’s office what’s next? 

They gave us this brief statement saying, “A Concordia Parish grand jury did not indict Mr. Tiffee in this case. Should new evidence arise, our office will act accordingly.

We don’t have any further comment.”

A case unsolved, but local sheriff’s deputies say the still have boots on the ground.

“We’re not going to stop until this case is solved.  We’re going to continue working this case as long as we are here, and we aren’t going to let it go away,” says Hedrick.

The family is left fearing for their lives. 

“I’m very scared, I got no where without a gun.  Nobody down here goes anywhere without a gun,” says Moreland’s mom.

Seeking justice, seeking safety, and seeking the chance to put Moreland to rest once and for all.

A candlelight vigil will be held on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. located at the Concordia Parish sheriff’s substation in Monterey.