WEST MONROE, La. (11/15/19) — Louisiana’s Governor’s race has been hot from the start and right now there’s only a point 0.5% difference between Governor John Bel Edwards and businessman Eddie Rispone. Both candidates are doing what they can to secure those last-minute votes.

“African Americans tend to vote overwhelmingly for democrats 95% so,” said Political Commentator, Bob Mann.

According to Mann, Edwards is relying on the black vote and early voters come out on top. Rispone, on the other hand, has been attempting to nationalize the race.

“He’s not talked about state issues as much as he’s talked about his support for Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s support for him,” said Mann.

Both Edwards and Rispone have been trying to win over those undecided Ralph Abraham supporters. Edwards looking to get those who didn’t like the way Rispone attacked Abraham in the primaries.

“If they can combine the 95% support from African Americans, with maybe peeling off 10% of those former Abraham voters. They think that’ll be enough to win.”

Bob Mann, Political Commentator

President Donald Trump has come to Louisiana trying to fire up voters. He’s said that although he’s worked with Edwards he’s not a true ally and Rispone is the man for the job.

“When you hear people talking they sound like Republicans but they’re not because they never vote with us…They talk good but they never vote with us and we need the vote it’s more important than the talk,” said the president.

Could it be a wash? Mann thinks the president’s most recent visit could be.

“The president being in a city like that probably energizes black voters and other Democrats as much as it does Republicans.”

Bob Mann, Political Commentator