West Monroe woman with COVID-19 gave birth one month early; How one woman is helping with a Go Fund Me page

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WEST MONROE, La (08/05/20) — “The husband’s name is Jeremy, the wife’s name is Aliyah and they have a little girl who’s four. Her mother also lives with them as well. Jeremy works really hard to get their bills paid and they all came down with coronavirus,” said Lisa Tippen Morris, Organizer of Go Fund Me page.

After the family found out they tested positive, Jeremy Blackwell stayed home with his daughter, but 22-year-old Aliyah was pregnant and had a different situation with the virus.

“She ended up having to go to the hospital within two days of finding out she tested positive. They had to take her baby immediately. She was eight months pregnant so the baby went to PICU and she was on the vent in intensive care for two days,” said Morris.

Once Morris heard the Blackwell’s story, she knew she had to help.

“It just broke my heart. If there was anything I could do to help– I don’t even know them, but I know as Americans right now we all have to help each other so I was thankful to be able to do a go fund me page to be able to help them,” said Morris.

That’s when social media took over, “”I have like 16,000 followers so when I heard about it, it was like you know what, I can help these people. And a lot of the people who’ve donated are on my Facebook who don’t know them either. There were people who donated who don’t even live in this state. They don’t know them, they don’t even know me,” said Morris.

Morris’s goal was $2,000, but after Wednesday, the Go Fund Me page has raised over $3,300, more than $1,300 of her original goal.

“If you can help somebody just by giving or donating $5, $5 helps. They’ve been through a lot and they still have a lot long way to go because they’re very weak from it,” said Morris.

Tuesday, Aliyah went home with the rest of the family. The newborn is supposed to be coming home on Friday. If you would like to donate to the Go Fund Me page, click here.

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