West Monroe woman claims ex-boyfriend tried to run her off the road

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A West Monroe woman said her ex-boyfriend tried to force her to wreck her car. 

Kristy Clarke said she’s tired of living in fear. 

Her ex-boyfriend, 34-year-old James Frazier, was arrested three weeks ago after police say he attacked his mother.

Clarke says the multiple restraining orders aren’t enough to keep him away. 

“I’m tired of waking up in the middle of the night because I am scared,” said Clarke. 

On Tuesday, Clarke said Frazier followed her from 165 South to Thomas Road. Despite having a restraining order. 

“He put his arm up and I thought he had a gun,” she continued. “He got beside me a couple times and swerved towards me and when I swapped lanes he would swap right behind me.”

That’s when she called 911 for help. Something she has had to do over and over throughout the last year. 

“There’s a protective order for a reason, but it doesn’t any good. It’s just a piece of paper,” said Clarke. 

According to court documents, Frazier was arrested four times in 2017 for violating protection orders.

On July 6, Frazier and his girlfriend Misty Sessions were arrested for assaulting his mother in West Monroe. 

“She [Misty Sessions]  pulled my hair out right here and put her claws in my mouth,” said his mother Wanda Frazier. 

She said she is tired of her son’s trouble. 

“I love him to death, but there will never be another relationship between me and my son,” said Frazier. 

The assault scared Clarke. 

“He’s almost killed his mom. That’s his mother. What do you think he’ll do to me,” said Clarke. 

She said she hopes this nightmare will soon be over for not only her but her children.

“I just want my babies to be safe. I want to have a normal life again,” said Clarke overwhelmed with emotion. 

The Monroe Police Department said they are investigating the incident. It’s unclear if any charges will be filed. 

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