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Today was moving day for the Detective Division of the West Monroe Police Department. 
Seven detectives moved into their new centrally located building at 400 Natchitoches Street.
The building will be their first expansion in almost 40 years. 

“In 1978 we moved to our current location and here we are coming back to where we started from. We’re real close to Metro Narcotics,” Police Chief Jeff Terrell said. “Detectives work a lot of felony cases, so there real close to district court which is just across the river. Also close to sheriff’s office and Monroe police.”

Their new location is able to offer them space that their old location couldn’t.

“We’re gonna be going from about 800 square feet to about 4,100 square feet.Big difference. Everyone will have their own offices, they’ll have their own conference room, their own break room, so it’s going to be a big difference for them,” Chief Terrell said. 

Chief Terrell says the move will help detectives to be more productive by having their own offices. 
Detective Ray Spoon says space was tight in the old location and believes the new space will help victims feel more comfortable. 

“It’s hard enough for a victim to come in and speak, much less with seven other detectives watching you,” Detective Spoon said. 
Detective spoon also says the location will help the department connect with the community. 

“We’re more visible, I think overall it’s going to be a great move and a great expansion for the police department,”Detective Spoon said.

The renovation involved overhauling the former Chase bank location. They added offices and of course had to close off the drive thru tube, but kept one feature of the bank on display: the vault. 

Police Chief Terrell says the move would not have been possible without the help of the mayor and city council. The Detective Division hopes to be completely moved by next week. 

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