UPDATE: West Monroe man arrested for Computer-aided Solicitation of a Minor

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UPDATE: (KTVE/KARD) — West Monroe Police say they have arrested Tyler Johnson. Johnson was arrested back in August of 2020 along with his mother for their connection to a sexual assault case.

According to police, Johnson was arrested June 16, 2021 on charges of Computer-aided Solicitation of a Minor and was booked into Ouachita Correctional Center.

The arrest affidavit says the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office got a complaint on March 10, 2021 from the mother of a 14-year-old girl. Deputies say when they arrived they learned the girl sent nude pictures of herself to an unknown suspect via Snapchat.

The victim told police the suspect threatened to send the pictures to her classmates if she did not continue to send more pictures. The girl gave in and sent more pictures of herself for a few days, but eventually told her mom.

Investigators say the Snapchat account was identified as kevinbosley20.

Investigators then found a link between this account and Tyler Johnson, that link was solidified when they found a message that said, “txt me…” with the same number that Johnson listed as his cell phone when he was booked in August of 2020 for a different complaint of Nonconsensual Disclosure.

Johnson has been booked into Ouachita Correctional Center with no bond.

UPDATE: 8/19/20 — According to the West Monroe Police Department, the suspect Tyler Scott Johnson filmed the sexual encounter with his cellular phone and uploaded the video/still images to his personal social media and possibly his personal computer.

The victim was made aware of the social media posts by her friends (witnesses) and the victim claimed she begged Tyler to take them down.

Authorities say when Tyler was arrested, his phone and personal computer were seized and a receipt was given to the family.

Post arrest, authorities say they were told by Tyler’s mother (Stephanie Johnson) that they didn’t need to seize his phone because she told Tyler to “wipe the phone clean” before the police arrived to arrest him.

Stephanie went on to say that the phone “shouldn’t have anything on it.”

The officers on scene noted they were allowed to look at the phone on scene per the suspect’s consent and noted the phone appeared to have multiple items erased that a normal prudent person would have on his/her phone.

The West Monroe Police Department and other local agencies are currently working multiple cases which are sexual in nature involving the suspect Tyler Scott Johnson.

This investigation is ongoing and we will continue to update this article as we receive more information.

ORIGINAL STORY: WEST MONROE, La. (8/9/20) — A West Monroe man and his mother have been arrested, accused of Obstruction of Justice and Criminal Conspiracy.

On August 9th, West Monroe Police Officers were called to an apartment on North Seventh Street to investigate a complaint of Nonconsensual Disclosure. 

When Officers arrived, the complaintant told Police that his 17-year-old daughter had consensual sex with Tyler Johnson and he recorded the sexual acts, without the victim’s consent. The victim’s father says Johnson uploaded the video to a social media site. 

A witness was able to confirm to Police that he saw the video on the social media site.

While being questioned, Johnson admitted to engaging in the sexual acts, but denied recording or sharing the recording.

When the Detective searched Johnson’s phone, he found evidence that select filed had been deleted. According to West Monroe Police, Johnson’s mother, Stephanie was responsible for deleting the files.

Tyler Johnson was booked into OCC on charges of sexual battery and extortion.

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