West Monroe man and dog find Calhoun man with dementia who had been missing for four days

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CALHOUN, La (08/07/20) — Callie and Kenneth Russell have been married for 32 years and Saturday was the first time the two had been separated for more than a day. Russell, who suffers from dementia, had been missing for four days. Callie says on Tuesday night, she had an overwhelming feeling everything was going to be all right.

“And I knew then, I felt something then, I said okay Pastor, he’s gonna be all right, he’s coming home tomorrow,” said Callie Russell, Wife of Kenneth Russell.

Wednesday morning, Zach Stephens and his bloodhound, Ruby showed up on Callie’s doorstep to help in the search for Kenneth.

“She said here let me get you some shoes and she got me two shoes actually an old one and a new one and I let Ruby smell and I knew almost immediately Ruby was on a trail, I just wasn’t sure if it was his trail,” said Zach Stephens, Man who found Kenneth Russell.

“As we got through the woods it was so thick and briars were just tearing me up and I just kept thinking Ruby there’s no way and 85 year old man walked through this, but she just kept pulling so I just kept following,” said Stephens.

Nearly 30 minutes later Stephens heard a voice.

“When he started talking to me, I was just in shock that he was in such good shape and he was happy as can be. He knew what woods he was in, he just didn’t know where to get out,” said Stephens.

“So I took up there and police stopped me and grabbed me and said Mrs. Callie…they found him…I said what,” said Russell.

The moment Callie saw her husband in the hospital is one she’ll never forget.

“I said hey, do you know who I am. I said look over this way! He looked over and I took the mask off and he said yea yea I’ve been calling you. I said I’ve been calling you too. I was standing in the front yard calling your name,” said Russell.

“He told me give me a kiss. I gave him a kiss and he said hold my hand, so I held his hand,” said Russell.

Callie says she’s grateful Stephens and Ruby showed up when they did, “There was nobody here, but me, Zach, and Ruby,” said Russell.

And as for Kenneth, “He’s doing real good, great! And I’m doing better than he is,” said Russell.

Callie Russell tells us that her husband Kenneth is on his way home from the hospital today.
she also says Zach and Ruby are welcome to go visit her house and say “hi” anytime.

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