In July, the city of West Monroe made an ordinance for rental housing safety, but they say they left out one important thing.

Smoke alarms.

“You hear all the time about people that have fires and didn’t’ have a smoke detector,” Alderwoman, Staci Albritton Mitchell, said.

A reminder of a tragedy that made a lasting impact.

“Two years ago we had a fire in a house that did not have the proper smoke alarms in it and that family  I believe several members perished,” Alderman, Tom Hamilton, said.

It’s an effort they don’t want people to take for granted. 

Now every rental property in the city will have a mandatory inspection to make sure each home has working smoke alarms.

West Monroe officials are trying to ensure that your home is safe from a fire emergency. Even if you don’t have a smoke alarm the fire department says they’ll bring one to you for free.

Even more incentive for residents to get on board.

“If it’s required and they can get it free it shouldn’t be a problem,” Hamilton said.

“It’s a good way for us to be able to have a better or ensure that we have a better quality of housing for our residents in the city,” Mitchell said.

It doesn’t make your home fire proof but it will make it fire safe.