WEST MONROE, La. (04/01/19) – Peggie and William have enjoyed a whirlwind romance. The two met when Peggie was just 12-years-old and married at 17.

“He is the only man I’ve ever loved”, said Peggie.

“Peggy is a very bold person, it takes some getting used to being married to her for this long”, said her husband, with a laugh.

The couple will be celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary this August. 
“True love…it does actually happen”, said Peggie.

The lovebirds are hoping to celebrate the milestone in a very special way.

“This here will be the last wedding renewal we’re going to have because I don’t think we’ll make it to the 50th the health is going downhill fast”, said William and Peggie. 

Peggy has stage four ovarian cancer that has spread to her lungs and brain. 

“I used to beg him to take me out…the pain I couldn’t take it”, said Peggie. 

Peggie says her health severly declined in 2012. Doctors told the couple she wouldn’t make it this long. Her organs have now started failing her. 

“My heart stops my liver stops they just shut down”, said Peggie. 

peggy says she isn’t focusing on what her doctors say.

“I have more faith in god don’t you know it Lord”, she said. 

She has one dream.

“[For] my husband to walk me down that aisle one more time just the love of my life”, said Peggie. 

Kayla Sims,a total stranger, came across Peggy’s post on facebook asking for wedding items for a vow renewal. After hearing her story, she’s made it her mission to make this last memory unforgettable. 

“Who’s not a sucker for a good love story I want to see this dream come true for her its so important to me. She deserves happiness”, said Sims. 

The couple had five kids together, all born with cerebral palsy, but only two survived. 

“I would go through it again in a heartbeat”, said Peggie. 

With the love her life by her side, she wants to walk down the aisle one more time showing the world true love conquers all. 

“We’re still together and still very happy still going strong”, said Peggie. 

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