“We’ll be able to bounce back: Local mayors calm Covid-19 economic worries

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MONROE/BASTROP, La. (03/27/2020) — It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen Covid-19 has swept in and taken over. Small businesses are closed and residents have been asked to stay at home, so what does that mean for the economic future of local towns and cities?

“We know that it’s going to be down because a lot of the businesses are having to close, but even more important than that you also have people who are not working,” said Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo.

The same sentiment is shared by Bastrop Mayor Henry Cotton, “Even now we know we’re going to take a hit on sales taxes. The city of Bastrop depends primarily on sales tax and property tax,” he said.

The two mayors agree that there’s only one thing that can help.

“There has been a two trillion dollar package from the federal government that has been passed so that’s good. So ultimately individuals will be helped and supported and also small businesses and large businesses will be helped.”

Mayor Jamie Mayo, City of Monroe

“We feel good about that, it offers us an extra level of comfort to know that we can go about business sort of as usual.”

Mayor Henry Cotton, City of Bastrop

For the two leaders, the business side of things can wait, their main focus right now is following the governor’s stay at home order, which they say for the most part residents have complied with.

However, some people aren’t following the rules and that’s why Mayor Mayo says to practice social distancing because the main priority is trying to flatten the curve.

“…And also wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and a number of other mitigation measures because this is very serious.”

Mayor Jamie Mayo, City of Monroe

Once this is all over Mayo says they will be able to bounce back.

“I can see a great silver lining in a country that was divided. Right now we have the United States of America and that is a good feeling.”

Mayor Henry Cotton, City of Bastrop

How much individuals receive in the stimulus package is based on your 2019 tax returns. If you haven’t filed yet, then it will be based on your 2018 returns.

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