Washington Middle School students prepare for musical

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It’s most definitely a childhood classic.

You’ve seen it on the silver screen, but this time it doesn’t star your favorite celebs.

The students of Washington Middle School present to you, Beauty and the Beast Jr.

They’re just really on top of what they are doing, and the costumes are pretty, the dancing is really pretty,” said Teacher, Katie Harwell.

Instructors say it took a lot of time and effort to put the musical together.

The students have been working on it the entire year, from costumes to backdrops and props, they have had a hand in a little bit of everything.

“I helped with the tavern, and for the entrance way to the castle over there, I helped with the curtains, the doors, and the coloring and shading,” said Sixth Grader Maddie Nolan.

When we did the flames on the hats and stuff we had to put the tape in a ball, put it in foil and paper mache it again,” said Kacee Otwell, Fifth Grader.  “That was really difficult.

Through the process, they said they have learned to help each other out, even if they forget a line or two.

“I usually study on the phone with my friend, the other beast,” said Montrey Guidry.

“We called each other and went over the whole book a couple of times,” said Levi Shaffer.

Now, nearly reaching the finish line, they are sad to see the end coming.

I sing all the songs just around the house, and he goes, be quite, and I go, but I have to practice, and he goes, just be quiet, and after I do this I won’t have an excuse,” said Mason Halstead.

They also have a message for the viewers.

“The people watching this better come see it though,” said Shaffer.

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