Was justice served for two men who plead guilty to animal abuse?

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UPDATE: The two Arkansas men who plead guilty to slitting a dog’s throat on Snapchat will not serve jail time.

“They got a slap on the wrist,” says animal activist Diane Griggs. 

Griggs along with many other animals lovers were very disappointed in the sentences Judge Carl Sharp handed down to Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler.

Director of the Justice for Animals Campaign, Doll Stanley says, “Anybody who would do that to an animal would do it to people in a moment of rage.”

Stanley says she did what she could to ensure these two men would spend time behind bars. 
“I personally brought 21,000 signed letters from all over the world.”

Had Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler gone to trial, convictions could have earned ten  year sentences. Pleading guilty to animal cruelty got them three years probation, $5000 fines, and community service. 

“Oh its not fair there’s no way you could look at this and be fair,” says Griggs.

Louisiana law allows the killing of animals that have been deemed dangerous. But these dog lovers say Stanley and Sadler got away with murder. 

Marlon Jarrell, Jr. says, “I just find that hard to believe in the world we live in you could do that to an animal.”
“I just don’t believe in the justice system anymore if that’s what it’s come to,” says resident Steven Smith. 
Scott Guidry says, “People like that usually end up usually going to do worse things.”

Doll Stanley says one positive has come from all of this.

“The one good thing we have made them infamous. They will go nowhere where people will now know who they are.”

In a written statement District Attorney Steve Tew says his office urged the most severe sentence available, but acknowledges the judge has sole discretion. He asks that Louisiana lawmakers toughen the penalties for crimes against animals. 


(6/14/18) The two Arkansas men who plead guilty to slitting a dog’s throat on Snapchat will not serve jail time.

Judge Carl Sharp sentenced Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler pursuant to their pleas of guilty as charged to the crime of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals. He sentenced the Defendants to 3 years at hard labor suspended; 3 years supervised probation, a $5000 fine and a psychological evaluation. He further banned the Defendants from owning an animal for one year and ordered that they complete 480 hours of community service.             

District Attorney Steve Tew required the Defendants to plead to the harshest crime available. He applauds his Assistants and staff who worked diligently on this case.

Given the inhumane and vicious nature of this crime, the District Attorney’s office requested that the Judge impose a severe sentence commensurate with the crime.

However, the District Attorney acknowledges that the Court has sole discretion in sentencing. District Attorney Tew encourages our local legislators to introduce legislation to strengthen the laws that punish those who criminally harm and/or neglect animals.


(6/14/18) Sentencing is expected today for the two Arkansas men who slit a dog’s throat on Snapchat.

Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler waived their right to a trial and pled guilty to the crime of aggravated cruelty to animals on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

The pleas of guilty as charged, which have the same effect as a verdict of guilty following trial, were entered without any plea agreement or sentencing agreement from the District Attorney’s office.

Under the applicable Louisiana statute, each defendant faces a range of punishment not to exceed ten years imprisonment and a twenty-five thousand dollar fine.

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