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NBC 10 news is your local election headquarters and as we know, elections never end in Louisiana. A new app gives you a way to talk back to your lawmaker.There is an app called “YOURVOTE” that helps do exactly that.

Louisiana Tech graduate, Jay Harrison, developed the “YOURVOTE” app to connect elected officials to their voters. Officials can submit a question via the app and within seconds voters will be notified that a question has been posted.

“You’ll be able to respond to your representative with a touch of a button, literally 15 seconds,” said Jay Harrison, owner of YOURVOTE.

They can then log on and submit their responses. This app is to help voters be heard before a final decision is made.

“We hear about these issues after the vote, and the elected officals are using YOURVOTE to turn that around and say here’s the issue, how do you want me to respond,” says Harrison.

Monroe City Council member, Michael Echols, says he is already posting questions to the app. Officials and voters will be able to see in real time what the results are to that question. Then officials can make a decision knowing what the people have said.

“It will tell me from the listeners point of view and the constituents point of view what they want me to focus on as their next state representative. They’re the ones that put me in the office, they’re the ones I’m going to serve, so I’m going to get out there and try to do what I can to help them,” said Michael Echols, running for State Representative District 14.

This app isn’t a place to hear why you should vote for someone. It’s to bridge the gap between politicians and the community.

“It’s not about campaigning or politics, most people are sick and tired of the partisan politics. This is strictly about the issues,” said Harrison.

This app will keep your name and any information anonymous. Your input will be calculated into what everyone else has to say. You will be notified only of questions pushed by officials in your district. Once officials have around 400 voters on a question, it is considered a reliable sample.

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