The upcoming October Election covers new Amendments, State Representatives, and Police Juries but to vote in that election, you must be registered by September 21st.

Registering to vote is as simple as pulling out your phone and going to the website, or going in person to the office.

“In person you can bring your drivers license that has your name and residence and your birth date on it. If it doesn’t have your correct address, you can bring a piece of mail or we do have a form that you can still fill out and you will still be registered in time, “said Christa Medaries, Registrar of Voters for Ouachita Parish.

The information to register online is at If you are not registered to vote in time and attempt to vote in the election, you will not be admitted into the voting area.

One member of the community who is already registered to vote shared why he’s ready for the election and why everyone else should be excited about registering to vote.

“I’m so excited because it’s a civic duty. It’s a responsibility and I do believe that we should allow our voices to be heard,” said Ottis Lenoir.

“Think about the world situation. Think about the things that we are doing or not doing. And think about the fact that you might be that deciding vote that will make a positive difference in the world today,” said Lenoir.

Early elections begin September 28th and run through October 5th. Register today before the deadline ends.