RUSTON, La (06/11/20) — Hannah Parker and Carlie Toliver both have a personal connection to someone with Alzheimer’s; Parker’s great aunt, and Toliver’s grandmother.

“That’s just really close to my heart because she was a musician, she was a music teacher at West Ouachita High School and she has struggled to remember to eat and to remember to change her clothes and stuff like that,” said Hannah Parker, Recital Performer.

“About five years ago, my grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s after having it for several years and it was really hard on our family and all of us that were in the community that was surrounding my grandmother to kind of watch her go through it and watch her lose her memory,” said Carlie Toliver, Recital Performer.

But Toliver saw the need for music in her grandmother’s life.

“The one thing that I noticed though is even if she didn’t know who I was, I could play a hymn and she’d sing every word to every verse and it was really incredible to see how important her faith was to her and how important music was,” said Toliver.

The two college students created the recital four years ago naming it Music for Memory.

“We kind of came up with the idea of music for memory as a way to honor my grandmother and a way to help raise funds for research for Alzheimer’s since music and Alzheimer’s do tend to go hand in hand somehow which is a really cool and powerful thing,” said Toliver.

But the Music for Memory 2020 recital was forced to change this year.

“This year is different because of COVID-19 situations we have to live stream it off of Facebook,” said Parker.

“Being able to do it online. Of course, we love doing it in person, but online we can reach so many people and that’s what we’re excited about for this year,” said Toliver.

So what can guests expect when they tune in?

“Well I’m singing a lot of classical and musical theater, then we’re also including some Christian rock, some pop,” said Parker.

The recital is on Saturday, June 13th at 11 am on the Music for Memory Facebook page. To donate money for Alzheimer’s research, the Venmo link is here or message the Music for Memory Facebook page.