John Willingham, a Vietnam Veteran has been receiving benefits from Veterans’ Affair’s, including supplemental pay for his wife.

Early last month, Willingham contacted the disabled American Veterans, his legal representative to the VA to inform them that his wife had passed away.

“She was an invalid the last two, two and a half years of her life. That I needed to stop the pay, the supplemental pay,” says John Willingham, Veteran.

It is what came next that was a surprise to Willingham.

“February the fourth, the VA  sent out a letter stating that I had died, which came as a great shock to me. After that, it’s been a struggle to try to get the VA  to recognize I’m not quite dead yet. And that my VA benefits need to be reinstated,” explains Willingham.

Willingham has been reaching out to the office of Veterans Affairs to straighten out this problem, but has not had any luck.

“You never get the same person, and nobody can really give you any information, no bodies responsible which is the main thing. That’s my pet peeve,” says Willingham.

Congressman Ralph Abraham who serves on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee says this is another example of the VA not doing its job.

“Not following through, not using good common sense to resolve a problem. I mean if the gentleman called him and I am sure he could fax him proof of being alive, they should have resolved this issue in about one minute. It’s beyond pale as to how inept and how inefficient our VA system sometimes is. In some cases it actually works, in this case it defiantly did not work,” explains U.S. Rep Ralph Abraham, (R) 5’th District.

Congressman Abrham’s office is working with Mr. Willingham to get this issue resolved.