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RUSTON, La (04/21/20) — Battling pain and increasing balance are two ways Fyzical works with patients each day. But with social distancing rules, they’ve turned to telehealth to keep up exercises and help the well being of their patients.

“We can demonstrate how to perform the activities that we’re doing with a patient. We can see them perform it. We can give them our skilled input for corrections,” said Dr. Jerry Yarborough, Fyzical Therapy Balance Center Ruston.

And even though it’s been successful for patients who need physical therapy, there’s still some challenges with doctors not being able to physically touch a patient. “But we can actually show a patient or some of their family members. Touch them here, tell me what you feel, is it tight, is it real painful…and then we can instruct them on manual techniques without actually us being there to touch them,” said Yarborough.

Despite the challenges, patients say it’s been very helpful getting the attention they need, while at home. “It’s been something new for me. I have enjoyed getting to still see people’s faces who I love and just to enjoy learning about how to better my health and use that through telehealth,” said Elise Sanchez, Patient. And if telehealth wasn’t an option?

“If I wasn’t able to be able to do this online, then I think that it would just be a little harder to manage pain,” said Sanchez.

Here is some general information about Fyzical and the services they are providing right now:

  1. Our first Virtual Workshop will be Wednesday April 22nd at 12pm. The topic is Low Back Pain. There will be a Q&A portion after the presentation. This will be on Facebook Live.
  2. All Evaluations are still being done on the premises. Evaluations are done in a private room with a therapist wearing a mask. Everyone’s temperature is checked before entering the building. All services are cleaned after each patient is done with an area or object.
  3. Patients will only continue to be seen in the clinic if they are a high fall risk or have a pain level of 7/10 or greater. All other patients are being transitioned to telehealth services.
  4. NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED. You are safer calling us than immediately going to the ER at this time.
  5. Spelled Different Because We Are Different! Ruston (318.224.8994) & Jonesboro (318.259.9899)

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