UPDATE: Witness says drunk driver dragged four people with car door, victims still recovering

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UPDATE: WEST MONROE, La. (10/2/28) – 

These cups are all that remain from the party Joshua Cook says he’ll never forget.

“That was an eventful night”, said Cook.

Cook says a man he didn’t know, twenty-year-old Nikolas Williams showed up with two friends and about an hour later things took an ugly turn.

“My uncle asked him to leave, again walks up there comes back, this repeated three or four times. My uncle done told [Williams] to leave a numerous of times”, said Cook.

That’s when Cook says he heard a commotion coming from the driveway. “Whenever my aunt’s friend said there’s a gun we come up to the vehicle”, said Cook.And next thing he knows his loved ones are being dragged down the driveway and tossed in a ditch.

“[Williams] threw it in reverse floored it with the door open and drug all four of them out to the ditch. I picked my aunt up out of the ditch I told my uncle he needed to call 911 cuz my whole arm was covered in blood”, said Cook.

Leaving skid marks in the driveway and the homeowners bruised and beaten.

Clarence Cook, Joshua Cook’s uncle left in a neck brace and his wife Carly had to be airlifted to Shreveport where she received seven staples in her head.

“It would have been five of us but my uncle threw me out of the way. When he floored it won’t nobody feet on the ground the door was just dragging them”, said Cook.

Police arrested Williams after finding his wrecked vehicle in a ditch. According to the arrest report Williams admitted to drinking and driving, and told police people were attacking him while he was sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Nobody hit him”, said Cook.

Cook believes the whole ordeal is a reminder to be careful who you allow on your property.

“My aunt is still traumatized. I don’t know how she’s going to react to new people and vehicles now”, said Cook.

We reached out to Williams’ lawyer for comment but did not hear back.


Nikolas Williams, 20, was arrested after the sheriff’s office found his wrecked vehicle in a ditch early this morning.

According to the arrest report, he was involved in an altercation with the three people here in West Monroe.

He told deputies those people were hitting him while he was sitting in the drivers seat — once things escalated he then put the vehicle in reverse with the door open– and hit them.

Deputies say he admitted to all this– along with drinking alcohol before being put in handcuffs.
Williams is charged with second degree battery, aggravated battery and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

He bonded out this afternoon.

The injuries of the victims are unknown at this time.

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