UPDATE: Union County jail focusing on clean up after fire in kitchen

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2018 August 16

The Union County jail is picking up the pieces after a fire broke out in their kitchen Wednesday evening.

One of the staff spotted it first.

Smoke was coming out of one of the storage areas which was once a cooler.

“They activated the alarm, activated the sprinkler system and then began calling everyone out,” said Captain Jeff Stinson, UCSO.

Water filled the halls.

The power was out, and they were without part of the kitchen.

The clean-up process began immediately, and all inmates were taken to a safe area.

“From what we can tell, it’s going to be electrical, somewhere in the ceiling, but at this point, we can’t say for sure,” said Stinson.

While they were going through turmoil, The Salvation Army stepped in, serving over 200 inmates breakfast.

“We have an old slogan in the salvation army that says need has no season,” said Captain Jason Perdieu, The Salvation Army. “A lot of people think there’s only need at Christmas time.”

They stress that they always are looking for volunteers and donations for situations like this.

 “At a moment’s notice, a need arises,” said Perdieu.

As for the sheriff’s office, they are getting things back up and running.

They are building a new wall to separate the kitchen from the fire damage.

Below is the original fire report we obtained from the El Dorado Fire Department: 

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