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UPDATE (6/18/19) — The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office has announced two more arrests resulting from the escape and capture of Brandon Kaleb McClain. McClain is accused of escaping from Green Oaks Detention Center, and later shooting at a deputy during a pursuit.

Investigators say 22 year old Mackenzie Blaire Connor and 45 year old Shelly Corrent are facing felonies in the case. Both are charged with felony Accesory after the fact. Deputies say they aided McClain after he escaped Green Oaks.

Below is the full press release from OPSO: 

The continuing investigation that resulted in the arrest of Brandon McClain has led to the arrest of two additional suspects.

Mackenzie Blaire Connor, age 22 of West Monroe, was arrested June 17th on the charge of Accessory After the Fact (Felony) stemming from her aiding McClain after his escape from Green Oaks,  which led to  the subsequent pursuit and his arrest.

Shelly Corrent, age 45 of West Monroe, was arrested June 17th on the charge of Accessory After the Fact for her role in assisting a second unidentified juvenile avoid arrest after his escape with McClain from Green Oaks. 

The second juvenile has since been apprehended and returned to Green Oaks on the escape charge.

He was not involved in the McClain investigation other than his original escape from Green Oaks. 

His identity cannot be released due to his juvenile status.


UPDATE: (6/14/19 9:45 P.M.) WEST MONROE– The arrests of 17-year-old Brandon Kaleb McClain and his parents come after he escaped Green Oaks Detention Center last Saturday and was captured Thursday.

Kaleb was on the run for four days before getting involved in a high speed chase with a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy who says shot at him from the back window of a car. 

According to the arrest warrant, Kaleb McClain was originally being sought for a “felony warrant of burglary of a religious building”.

While on the run from Green Oaks, McClain made arrangements to pick up money from a friend at a business on Cypress Street in West Monroe.

He was spotted by a deputy who is familiar with him, and that’s when the chase started.

After ditching the car on Kendallwood Road and running, the two passengers who were in the car with him were taken into custody.

One passenger in the car, Mackenzie Connor, told authorities that McClain was dropped off at her house earlier that day by his father, 47-year-old Brian McClain.

She says Kaleb was on the phone with her while he was with his father and that Brian McClain dropped off his son at her house Wednesday in a red pick up truck.

Brian McClain is charged with accessory after the fact accused of  aiding and harboring a fugitive.Kaleb’s mom, 45-year-old Amy Michelle Hubbard has also been booked for assisting in her son’s escape.

All three have criminal histories.

It’s still unclear how Kaleb escaped from Green Oaks.

We’ve reached out to several relatives for comment, but have yet to hear back.


UPDATE: (6/14/2019 4:30 p.m.) NBC 10 has learned Amy Hubbard, the mother of Kaleb McClain, has also been arrested in the case. She is facing felony charges of Assisting Escape. Details on how police believe she helped Kaleb are not known at this time. 

Investigators say she has several aliases, including Amy Gentry, Amy Michelle, and Amy McClain.


UPDATE: (6/14/2019 10:35 a.m.) NBC 10 has learned the father of the Green Oaks escapee, who is accused of shooting at deputies during a police pursuit on Wednesday, is now under arrest for helping his son out after he escaped.

According to Application for Arrest Warrants, which you can see below, 47 year old Brian McClain is under arrest, charged with Accessory After the Fact for allegedly helping his son, 17 year old Brandon Kaleb McClain, known as Kaleb. Investigators say Kaleb escaped Green Oaks Detention Center on Saturday with one other person, who has also been captured.

According to the court paperwork, when Kaleb fled from deputies after crashing, there were a total of two other people in the car.  

One person in the car, Mackenzie Connor, told investigators Kaleb called them earlier on Wednesday. Kaleb told her on the phone he was with his dad. She said the father drove to their house in a red pickup, and dropped off Kaleb. 

Connor says Kaleb insisted on taking her car to go pick up some money from someone he was to meet in the 5400 block of Cypress Street. 

Deputies had information from other cooperating witnesses that Kaleb was going to meet someone near the convenience store at Cypress St. & Well Road. This is where the pursuit began on Wednesday.

Arrest paperwork for Brian McClain & Kaleb McClain​​​​​:

Brian McClain has a $15,000 bond for his charges. Kaleb McClain is being held without bond. Kaleb is now officially charged with Attempted Second Degree Murder and Flight from an Officer/Aggravated Flight from an Officer.

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(6/13/19 9:43 P.M.) UPDATE:  The manhunt is finally over.

Brandon McClain is officially caught and cuffed. West Monroe residents can sleep soundly tonight knowing the 17-year-old escapee is behind bars.

 “At the time of apprehension, he did not resist, so he was taken into custody. He will be booked into the Ouachita Parish Correction Center on one count of attempted murder of a police officer,” said Sheriff Jay Russell with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office. He talked to NBC 10 during a press conference Thursday evening, which you saw live, only on NBC 10, and which you can see below.

 It all started Wednesday when McClain was pulled over at a traffic stop on Cyprus Street in West Monroe.

He took off, leading deputies on a high speed chase while shooting out the back of the car. McClain then ditched the car on Kendallwood Road and fled on foot into the woods behind the West Lakes neighborhood.

The same neighborhood he was arrested in.

According to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, McClain was hiding out in an apartment complex that’s under construction on the second floor.

 Residents say they saw a man who matched McClain’s description on surveillance camera early Thursday morning.

But it was a tip from a woman who says McClain showed up at her front door in Rosewood Estates that got him caught.

“She did not answer the door. She saw the description of Brandon. she retreated to the back of the house, called 9-1-1 and at that time we set up a perimeter,” said Sheriff Russell.

Dozens of local and state law enforcement officers covered the ground while a chopper circled the scene through the air.

Sheriff Russell says McClain did not resist arrest and did not have a weapon on him when he was arrested.

McClain escaped Green Oaks detention center on Saturday. It’s still unclear why he was originally being held there.

Sheriff Russell says McClain went on a car burglary spree looking for weapons before the chase happened. He also believes other people were involved.

The investigation continues.

(6/13/19) UPDATE: According to OPSO, 17-year-old Brandon McClain has been arrested on Thursday afternoon.

We will continue to update this article as more details of the arrest become available.


(6/13/19) UPDATE: OPSO says they have not yet located 17 year old Brandon McClain. He is accused of shooting at deputies during a police pursuit Wednesday on Cypress Street and Vancil Road.

Investigators say they will be active in the area he was last seen, and they urged anyone who sees the suspect or anything suspicious to call 911.


UPDATE: (10:38 P.M. 6/12/19) WEST MONROE, La. — Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office officials said they have concluded their ground search of the immediate are of Kendallwood and Vancil Roads without results.  

OPSO will continue to maintain a heavy presence in the area throughout the night.  

Deputies would like to remind the residents to be sure to remove any valuables, weapons, etc. from their vehicles and lock the vehicle as well.

Should any resident in this area see or hear anything suspicious, contact OPSO immediately at ( (318) 329-1200.


UPDATE: (5:15 P.M. 6/12/19) WEST MONROE, La. — Listen to the police radio traffic while today’s police pursuit went down Cypress Street and onto Vancil Road.

Here is a look at the area where deputies are looking for the suspect, Brandon McClain.


UPDATE: (2:30 P.M. 6/12/19) WEST MONROE, La. — Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Deputies are looking for a Green Oaks escapee who shot at an officer during a pursuit.

According to Ouachita Parish Sheriff Jay Russell, 17-year-old Brandon Kaleb McClain is the subject of a manhunt in West Monroe.

Deputies say the incident began when they tried to pull McClain over on Cypress Street. They say McClain fled and eventually started shooting at officers while on Kendallwood Road. McClain ditched the car on Kendallwood. 

Sheriff Russell did say that McClain will be charged with at least one count of attempted murder of a police officer once he is caught.

To see the full press conference with Ouachita Parish Sheriff Jay Russell, see below:


ORIGINAL: (6/12/19) OUACHITA PARISH — Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Deputies are currently looking for a suspect in the Vancil and Kendallwood Road area.

According to OPSO, officers attempted to pull the suspect over on Vancil Road. They say that the suspect fled and eventually ditched the vehicle on Kendallwood Road.

This is an ongoing situation. KTVE/KARD does have a crew on scene, and we will continue to update this article as more information becomes available.

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