UPDATE: Kerry Elee named as Interim Mayor of Sterlington

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(10/9/18) NBC 10 has learned that Kerry Elee has been named the Interim Mayor of Sterlington.

Elee was chosen as Interim Mayor at tonight’s Board of Alderman meeting in Sterlington.

This comes just over a week after former Mayor Vern Breland resigned from his post.

The unanimous decision by the aldermen settled talks about division within the council after Breland stepped down.

“It felt like at least from the press when I wasn’t here that there were a little bit of fireworks a week or so ago and I was concerned by that because we don’t always agree on everything,” 

The reaction sparked because two the aldermen, Lucy Holtzclaw and Caesar Velasquez are running for Mayor in November.

At the beginning of the meeting at Town Hall, Alderman Ron Hill made the suggestion for Elee to take over the interim spot.

“I think we were all in agreement that this  was the best way to go,” Elee said.

Elee is the only person on the council, without a schedule conflict, that is not running for political office this fall. 

After he finishes his term as interim he plans to step away from politics to focus on projects such as Sterlington’s new sports complex.

“I like to think that the town realizes that at the moment we really need to function as a team we got a lot of things going on and all of us care very deeply about the future of the town,” Hill said. 

Elee will fill in on the day-to-day duties as mayor until the end of 2018. voters elect a new mayor on November 6th.

Those running for the position include  Holtzclaw, Velasquez, and Robert Williams.

All three are republicans.

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