UPDATE: Family struggles to get back on their feet after tree destroys home

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To help the Bullock family you can go to their GoFundMe Page: HERE

It’s a pain that homeowner Terry Bullock says he struggles to put into words. “It’s heart breaking,” he says as tears fall from his eyes. 

He shares that he and his wife Carol have only $75 to their name and more bills than money to pay them. 

June 22, 2018 it was just another morning. Bullock and his wife were conducting their morning routine. Carol’s mother, Minnie Haddick had come over after having an uneasy feeling and started cooking breakfast. 

In an instant everything changed. “All hell broke loose, we didn’t know what was happening,” said Carol. 

In only seconds, a tree fell on the Bullock family home. It injured Ms.Haddick, destroyed family memories and changed their lives forever. 

Carol’s mother was medevaced to LSU Shreveport where she stayed for 18 days, spending five in the Intensive Care Unit. Haddick was diagnosed with a few broken ribs, a broken vertebrae and a collapsed lung. 

Although, she is doing better, the couple tells me life hasn’t been the same they share it’s taken a toll on the entire family. “It has strained and wiped out us out financially. It is evidently going to wipe out my mother financially, not that she had a whole lot,” Bullock said sternly. 

Carol also shared that it feels like this was an incident, hand wrapped for her family, “Like the devil’s pissed, but God’s good all the time.”

Haddick makes too much money and was denied Medicaid and her daughter says life is no longer normal. “She’s going to be handicapped from now on. Up until then, a month before all this happened, she was on her roof blowing her leaves off. All she has is this place.”

Finances are a struggle, “It has strained and wiped out us out financially. It is evidently going to wipe out my mother financially, not that she had a whole lot.” The couple also acknowledges their age, “How  many more years do we got?”

However, after 48 years of marriage both Terry and Carol don’t know what’s to come but they know with each other, anything is possible. “Lots of choking each other and taking naps together,” they said jokingly. 

Anyone wishing to help the family can email Terry and Carol at teeceebull@aol.com or their daughter Minday at Minrey3@yahoo.com

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