Meet Alice.
She’s a 20-something single mom and coffee barista in Lafayette.
But Alice represents a huge group of us.
From cashiers to food service employees, so many of us can identify with Alice.
It stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.
ALICE describes working families and individuals scrambling to afford basic necessities.
“An Alice household has a job and has an income, but in order to make ends meet, it’s very challenging. And they’re really only one emergency away from falling into a financial crisis.”, explains Janet Durden, President of the United Way of Northeast Louisiana.
In Louisiana alone, 40% of households can barely pay for housing, food, childcare, healthcare, and transportation.
For example, in East Carroll Parish, 66% of households are at the designated “ALICE” or poverty levels….an astonishing 64% in Madison Parish. 
To learn more about the United Way of NELA, and to read the full ALICE report, click here
The “ALICE Report” was compiled as a way to illustrate the growing number of struggling families in an easily understood way for state and local officials. 
Dr. Dave Norris, Jr., Chief Innovation Officer at Louisiana Tech University says, “It is an essential resource for anyone concerned with alleviating that distress to promote a more prosperous future for Louisiana.”
“Those situations and those communities have been well-publicized, but the reality is, that’s not anything we’re proud about. It’s something we ought to be addressing.”, says Durden.
While the report doesn’t aim to find a simple solution to the challenges an ALICE faces each day, it serves as a tool to help confront these growing problems and concerns right here at home.