FARMERVILLE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — March is Youth Art Month, and the Union Parish Library is honoring one local teen artist for her work. Madison Haulcy is a Union Parish High School senior who aims to inspire people through her art.

I started off with a small little notebook at my grandma house and I showed her my little drawing and she would say it looks good. I just used those words of encouragement, and I was like okay let me keep making more. It started when I was super young.

Madison Haulcy, Union Parish High teen and artist

Now Haulcy is being honored for her artwork. “The Evolution of Madison,” tells the story of the young artist and how her art has evolved over the years.

Haulcy has always enjoyed spreading happiness through her work and hopes to bring even more joy to people as she continues to create. Japanese Anime characters inspired her earliest work; she then took these characters and used them as a foundation to create characters that look more like her. Now she is computerizing her art, allowing her to add vibrant colors to her sketches. One of her most meaningful pieces is titled “Temptation,” as it tells the story of a girl surrounded by temptation and sin in the world.

“Temptation” by Madison Haulcy

Her face is kind of like she’s troubled and it’s like hands reaching around her. That shows temptation and sin in the world. With me being a Christian, that’s what I deal with on a daily basis. So, I wanted to display that with an art piece.

Madison Haulcy, Union Parish High School Senior and Artist

Haulcy plans to attend college for graphic design. She also encouraged other artists who are pursuing their passion.

Do not compare your art to people who have a lot of experience, because then you will feel like your art is not as good as theirs. You have to start from somewhere and just to keep practicing.

Madison Haulcy

Haulcy’s exhibit is now on display at the Union Parish Library until March 31st.