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(02/08/18) After a recent review of the University of Louisiana Monroe’s school of Pharmacy, many are asking, what put its accreditation on probation? How does this affect students? 

Hannah Daniel, a student, says there’s no place like the school of Pharmacy.

“We have our little saying we’re like a ‘pharmily’. Everybody is just so close knit and the teachers really work so that you succeed,” says Daniel.

Though ULM’s pharmacy school is like a huge family, the school itself is facing some challenges.

The school is currently out of compliance with four accreditation standards outlined by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

Students say they were worried about it at first, but as the year started, the school got a new dean who reassured them everything was going to work out.

One standard in question is organization and governance… meaning, are there enough people to give the time and attention necessary to meet the goals of the school.

“What we’ve done as a university to address that is to split the college into two and that’s effective July first of this year,” says Dr. Glenn Anderson, Dean of the School of Pharmacy.

The next standard is interprofessional education, which prepares students to work in teams in the workplace.

Dr. Anderson says they have a plan developed and they have sent that off to ACPE.

The standards that are the major issues are faculty and staff retention and financial resources.

“Over the past, I believe it’s been five years, we’ve had some challenges with retaining faculty specifically. The last thing is financial resources and again that ties in very much with the retention issue. That really is the bottom line is with financial resources,” says Dr. Anderson.

The state accreditation board gives schools two years to get in compliance once they are on probation. Every pharmacy school in the state has to meet 25 standards to be accredited. 

Dean Anderson says he’s confident that by June the school will be off probation and running smoothly.

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