ULM committed to improve security with new “safe app”

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(6/5/19) – ULM may be out for the summer but as some students linger on campus, they say safety is still a top priority.

“Because the way the world is right now especially with all the school shootings it’s going to be safe to keep our school safe and everyone else safe here,” said Tala Fiailoa, ULM senior.  

“There certain times at night. I feel ulm does a good job with having emergency lights much set up all around campus,” said Ariana Yelverton, ULM sophomore 

The app works at just a touch of button.

“You push the app you push the big yellow thing your calling the police. Think about a person who is under stress or some situation, there not a whole lot of thinking about it. said Mark Johnson, Assistant Chief of Police. You push two buttons and your in contact with help.” 

It also includes the ability to send anonymous tips, access to campus resources and a feature called friend watch, that allows you to share your friend’s location. 

“Their electronic devices sends a message it could be the police it could be their friend or whoever. Hey Susie didn’t make it back,” Johnson added. 

They launched this app just in time for the newest freshman class who will be visiting campus all throughout the summer. 

“I know some freshman they care about their safely especially when first coming in. I know the app they will know they will be coming into a safe environment and a safe school to be around,” Fialoa said. 
By providing peace of mind for both students and their parents.  

“It’s really important for students to feel super safe on campus and i think the app it’s a big step towards that,” Yelverton added. 

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