Two Locals Competing For the District 3 Council Seat

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Voters divided on their current representation…..
“She’s a good person, and she’s a good-hearted person too,” says Gloria Pickney, District 3 Resident.
While others say it’s time for a change.
“Don’t put me on a rift raft, you see what I’m saying and tell me things are going to get done. Then 5-months down the road, nothing gets done,” says Johnnie Jenkins, District 3 Resident.
The March 5’th election shows a split in the District 3 community, sending incumbent Betty Blakes and Juanita Woods to a runoff election.
“You just never know. you take it as it is and move on,” says Betty Blakes, Running for District 3.
“The residents of this community were not happy with the service they were receiving,” says Juanita Woods, Running for District 3.
Both candidates have been out in the community trying to get their message out.
“Minimum wage for the employees, we gave them the 10 dollars raise. The senior citizens don’t get their water cut off on weekends and holidays. I didn’t vote for the water/sewage rates to go up,” says Blakes.
“You’ve got people in this community that are living in poverty. They have no jobs. They have no hope. You say why is that so when you’ve got all of these resources in this community. Well what I do, and what I do well, is connect those resources,” says Woods.
Early voting starts this Saturday, March 26’th. 
Both candidates are asking for your vote.
“It’s not over yet. I need you to go back to the polls and I need you to vote for Juanita Woods, number 326 on your ballot,” says Woods.
“We really need you to go out early if you can, but if you can’t April 9’th. Number 324, Betty Blakes,” says Blakes.
Early voting lasts through April 2’nd.
Election Day is April 9’th.

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