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Two female teens pled guilty in the murder case of Hunter Adams

MONROE, La.-- - Thursday family members and friends held signs outside the Green Oaks Detention Center, remembering the life of Hunter Adams.

He was a young West Monroe man who was stabbed to death right down the street from his mother's home.

"I can't drive down the street where my mom lives on and its not fun to sit in a car and see those images in the back of your head," Hunter's sister Erica Balch said.

Now more than three months later two teen girls have pled guilty in connection to his death.

District Attorney Steve Tew said these charges include attempted robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

"Looking at them makes it worse. It hurts knowing what they did to my brother and they were involved in it and they have no remorse," Balch added.

Yet, to family members this isn't the justice they are looking for.

Two other teen boys are being held at this detention center on second degree murder charges, after violating house arrest.

"The people that are responsible, it doesn't matter what age they are, they have committed a crime that has taken someone's life away," Hunter's Aunt Angela Grace Johnston said. "But they're still being able to live their life. That's not fair."

Balch and Johnston wish all of the teens responsible would own up to what they did.

"They did an adult crime, they want to act like adults, so they should be charged as adults," Balch added. 

Because this Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hunter's birthday in January family members will have to spend the holidays without him.

They said he never got to live his life. He was taken away too soon.

The two female teens will be formally sentenced in juvenile court this January. 

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