Two arrested in relation to Ouachita Parish Deputies shooting

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UPDATE: Ouachita Parish Sheriff Deputies were just trying to serve a Felony Warrant to Rickie Wade Jr. who is wanted on multiple charges.
What seemed like a typical day on the line of duty suddenly turned into a nightmare.
Especially for the home owner who found wade on her doorstep, who was on the run from police, and looking for a place to hide.
“She was in fear of her children’s safety, there were several small children in that residence, so when he came to the door with a weapon, and said something to the fact either  I  shot someone or  I  had been shot, she immediatley grabbed her children and left that residence,” said Sheriff Jay Russel, Ouachita Parish.
Sheriff Jay Russell says Wade wasn’t alone in this crime.
“Phone calls were made from the barricaded suspect to divert deputies away from that residence.  They were made to two individuals,” said Sheriff Russel.
Sheriff Russel says those individuals are 17 year old’s Domonique l. Dean and Rodricus Shaw.  
They are accused of trying trick law enforcement.
Officials say Dean and Shaw used a cell phone to call 911 from Dick Taylor Street, pretending to be Rickie Wade Jr, trying to throw officials off from his actual location.
Investigators say the two teens told the dispatcher to come and get me–saying they were at Trichell apartments in Monroe–ready to turn themselves in.
According to the affidavit–these teens now face charges including Accessory After the Fact of Attempted First Degree Murder.


17 year old Rodricus Shaw and 17 year old Dominque Dean were arrested in relation to the Ouachita Parish deputy shooting around 6:14 a.m. Friday morning. 

Both called police claiming to be Rickie Wade Jr., the morning of Wade’s encounter with police and arrest. 

Both told dispatchers they were ready to turn them self in and gave police a false address.

Officials say both were trying to hide Wade Jr.’s location, and could be charged on Accessory After the Fact – Attempted 1st Degree Murder. 

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