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Twin city residents ready for severe weather

WEST MONROE, La-- - When it comes to weather, residents of the twin cities would rather be safe than sorry.

We asked residents what they are doing to prepare when bad weather comes knocking at their door. 

"Well it's good to have a weather radio it's also good to have the weather alerts on your phones," resident Shelly Sims says.

" I have one on my phone..we stay you know kind of in touch with the weather so we know what's going on our employment lets us go home when it's going to be really really bad so they're on top of everything.

Sandra Blanche, of Monroe, is taking precaution when it comes to having extra light in the house.

"I'm getting a lot of flashlights and candles so i can burn them if the lights go out," she said.

"We'll have some lighting so we are preparing with food filling up the pantry so we'll have plenty of food to eat."

Joey Marsala is making sure his family is stocked up with plenty to drink.

 "We have plenty of bottled water just in case the electricity goes out with the water companies and stuff," Marsala said.

Blanche said she feels like she has to prepare even more after witnessing the March floods in 2016.

"I feel a little more anxious because i know that the weather changes here from time to time and we never know what the weather is going to be like so it's best to be prepared because we never know what's going to happen."

Shelly Sims says it's important to heed to the warnings from law enforcement.

"If you stay on top of everything i think that's the safest thing that you can do and when they tell you to get out get out..don't wait till the last minute," she said.

You're never too old or too young to learn what to do in a weather emergency.

Eight-year-old Tanner Charrier walked us through the tornado drill at his elementary school.

"On the hallway we like do this at school and we wait for it until it says clear and then we go back in the class." 

There's no way to predict if there will be another flood, but citizens of Monroe and West Monroe are prepared for the worst.

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