Traffic troubles in the Garden District, residents complain about speeding & crashes

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“Bam, bam bam. One one morning, one the next day and one the next morning,” said Edna Antley. 

87-year-old Edna Antley is referring to the three wrecks outside her home two weeks ago. 
She’s lived at the corner of Rochelle and Third Street for 38 years.
An issue her neighbor Jana Giles says has led her and others to form the committee on traffic. 

“Every day I look out my window and see people going 30, 50, 60 [miles per hour] and sometimes faster, because there are no barriers,” said Giles co-chair of the Garden District Committee On Traffic.  

The group says the high volume of traffic is a danger to the area. 

“I had folks tell me they had to move because it’s too dangerous for their children. I’ve had my next-door neighbor almost killed going to retrieve a pet from the street and a speeder him them a went through terrible rehabilitation and could have died,” said Chuck Rand. 

They committee says the city plans to re-stripe the roads to make the streets more narrow, but they think it will take more to make drivers follow the speed limit and properly use the stop signs.

“Something like speed cushions or tables that will make people slow down like stop signs is the only thing that is really going to work,” said Giles. 

Antley says she wants action now; before the traffic problem turns tragic. 

“It’s dangerous and I hope I don’t see anybody that’s killed,” said Antley. 

We reached out to City Engineer Kim Golden who says she is working on a plan to help fix the ongoing problem.

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