Three Years Ago: Looking Back on a Deadly Tensas Parish Standoff

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Noon on Tuesday, August 13, 2013–20 year-old Fuaed Ahmen entered Tensas State Bank in St. Joseph, and took hostages.

“I can remember it like it happened this morning, I was in work in Lafayette, and I got an email on my laptop, and my mom said, pray, pray pray.”, says Sonny Warbington, Jay’s brother.

SWAT, Louisiana State Police, and hostage negotiators communicated with Ahmed for hours.
He told police he heard voices inside his head and was mad at people who were mean to him.
“I remember texting Jay that I loved him. I don’t think he got the text.” 
Jay Warbington worked at the bank. He was shot by Ahmed after police dropped a flash grenade to end a nearly 12 hour standoff.
“What bothers me the most is what was going on in my brother’s mind, what could he have been thinking as this monster comes in here and does this.” 
Jay died early the next morning.
“But it was just like, it can’t be real. This isn’t real, you know, I just kept waiting to wake up. But, you know, we never have.” 
In the days after the standoff, community members built memorials and came together to honor those who lost their lives.
“It didn’t matter what color you were, or where you came from, or how rich you were, or how poor you were. Everybody came together and showed love and support.”, says Warbington.
Sonny says the loss of his brother is still difficult to cope with.
“He was just a rock, and you know, he was my big brother, you know, and he took care of me and he babysitted me, and he taught me a lot about life–good and bad, but he was my superhero as a kid.” 
And if he could see his brother just one more time…
“You know, I’d tell him go tigers, we’re gonna win the championship, and I love ya man, and I’d probably hug him, because I don’t think I did enough of that.” 

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