This month’s Pay It Forward recipient is Project 2.5 ministries

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(7/25/18) There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.  

That is the mission of this month’s Pay It Forward recipients. 

Project 2.5 is a ministry that builds themselves on providing active and ongoing support to foster families.

Co-creator Anthony Bartley says it’s about being the hands and feet of Jesus. 

He says, “We’ve been involved in this ministry for about 14 years. We started this ministry to try and assist foster parents whenever we receive a placement child that comes into their care.”

Leaning on scripture, Project 2.5 makes sure to provide according to God’s plan for orphans both in the physical and spiritual sense.

Bartley says, “Whatever essentials they don’t have and the state doesn’t immediately provide, we want to provide that.”

When asked what’s needed most to push the mission forward, Bartely says baby supplies are most essential.

He says, “There were about 560 kids in foster care in the Monroe region. We have given out a lot of cribs and a lot of strollers. We need baby supplies.”

A part of how they do this is by creating small groups within church to support foster families in the fostering process.

“We’re trying to reach more and more into our churches and church community because we feel like its a church issue, not a state issue.”

Barter says the Pay It Forward donation will go toward more supplies for foster families in need.

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