(9/26/18) A life line for those who need it most.

Ranging from old to young, the folks at 911 Hope say there’s no limit on who they serve.

Founder Marion Boggs says it’s a blessing to have so many in the community support their outreach.

He says, “This is an amazing blessing and it just goes to show that businesses in outreach and interested in helping people and interested in helping those that are in a place and season in life; that are unable to do what they used to.”

When it comes to lending a helping hand, the foundation has a particular calling for helping widows, drawing their inspiration right out of the book of Acts.

“There is a little place in there that says the Grecians were complaining because their widows were neglected. So they wanted to find someone who could take care of this business,” says Boggs. “We go out love on them, bless them, listen to their stories, cut their grass, weed eat, trim and all at no charge.”

So what does it take to serve and show love? Support from others in the community who believe in the impact that 911 Hope has to give.

Boggs says, “I have a team of men who volunteer their time. Thank god for Jeff Smith and Twin City Outdoors who have equipped us with equipment to reach widows in our area. Christ Church is also a big supporter of what we do.”

He says he’s thankful for local businesses who step in and help provide so that he and his team can reach people; allowing true givers a chance to sit back and receive, even when that may be hard for them to do.

According to the 911 Hope founder there’s only one secret to having lived a fulfilled life of service.

He says, “Did I love deeply, did I live fully, and did I really make a difference.”