The Tallulah Water Crisis continues as residents are worried about the color and smell of the water

Local News

(2/19/18) —  Mayor Paxton Branch and city of Tallulah are conducting random tests and flushing out water hydrants.  After getting water pressure back recently, the problem now is the quality and smell. 

Residents have complained that they are unable to drink or bathe in the water despite the Louisiana Department of Health deeming the water safe for both. City crews have been flushing the distribution lines to clear them.

They will do this until every hydrant is flushed. They will flush each line every two weeks now that water production has risen to a million gallons a day.

The water system’s clarifiers have cleared up, which should improve water quality. Aside from all of this, more tests will be done to gather accurate water meter readings and to keep an eye on the color and smell.

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