FRISCO,TX (SILVERSTARNATION)— The Dallas Cowboys are certainly favorites to wipe the New York giants out on today’s matchup this afternoon.

“The first key is home sweet home the Cowboys must continue to protect their house,” Spagnola said.” “They have an 11-game winning streak since losing to 2022 season opener to Tampa Bay.”

The second key to winning Sunday’s game Spagnola said is “No Tommy Boy.”

The undrafted rookie Tommy DeVito will make his first NFL start in today’s game for the Giants. It will be the first time in the common draft era that the Giants start an undrafted rookie in a non-strike game. The biggest thing Dallas can do is stop the run whenever DeVito attempts to take off.

“The last key is to take it easy on Dak, he has been red hot over these past three games throwing for 374-yards and three touchdowns during the loss to the Eagles,” Spagnola said. “He has been sacked 17 time in the last four games.”

Dallas looks to bounce back after falling at Philadelphia last week, 28-23, dropping them to 5-3 on the season.