BASTROP, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The city of Bastrop has failed to agree on a new chief of police. This comes after the position has been vacant for 60 days.

The Bastrop city council was unable to reach an agreement and vote on a new police chief so mayor betty olive had to appoint someone to fill the vacancy. She appointed DeWayne Reed of the Bastrop police department to be the assistant chief of police because the council failed to vote a new chief in.

The civil service law states after 60 days of vacancy she must appoint someone to the position of chief if an agreement can’t be reached among the city council. Mayor Betty Olive says it’s her duty to look out for the City of Bastrop and to delegate the position of chief of police.

“I am delegating assistant Chief Red in his position as assistant chief under my direction to carry out the duties and make sure nothing collapses in that police department. this is effective today. I’m carrying out my duty abiding by the law and looking out for the safety and well being of this city”, said Mayor Olive.

Dewayne Reed takes over as assistant chief of police effective today.