Texas Roadhouse gives 100% of profits to Hurricane victims

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People in West Monroe are chowing down to help their fellow Americans. 

They call it Dine and Donate and every Texas Roadhouse restaurant in the nation is participating.

Texas Roadhouse has been a part of many causes over the years but today it’s all about Harvey, Irma and Hurricane Maria.

Organizers here in the Twin Cities talk about the motivation behind giving.

“It meant a lot to us as a company able to do this as a company and make the most impact for the victims of the hurricane,” Nick Van said.

100 % of the money they make going towards helping victims get back on their feet.

“It’s a blessing really,” West Monroe resident, Traci Haynes said.

“I know a lot of businesses are helping but to give 100% I mean it takes a lot but it gives a lot of our people.”

Some people didn’t even know it was going on until they showed up.

“Well I was sitting at home and I was just like today’s a good day for Roadhouse,” Haynes aid.

“I just really wanted to enjoy it today and then when I came in the waiter was just like do you know what the funding are today?”

 Others came just to support.

“I heard a lot of this money is going towards the hurricane relief and all that that’s why we decided to come,” Cooper said.

Customers encouraged to give–because they’ve been there before.

“Even though we might not know somebody but you’re putting yourself in that position,” Haynes said.

“For myself and my family we were flooded twice here in Monroe, Louisiana,” Van said.

“So we definitely understand what they went through and what they are still going through.”

Complete recovery may be a long ways away, but more and more are getting on board to help out.

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