Tallulah water rates will rise after technical mishap from 2016

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The problems in the city of Tallulah are still there, but interim mayor Gloria Hayden revealed that Tallulah is a long way from where it started.

“We will be able to meet our debt for March 1, I can assure you of that,” said the mayor. 

A debt that started at about $600,000. Tuesday, city council held a town hall to talk about the Tallulah water crisis. Which has been issue that has been plaguing the city of Tallulah for years.

“The auditors told me that we were not meeting our bond obligations,” said Mayor Hayden.

Meaning Tallulah has not seen raised water rates as it should have in the last four years. So now the average bill will go up around $6-8. 

“Initially I was a little apprehensive about how much the water rates were going to be going up,” said Tallulah resident Terry Washington. 

The decision though, the mayor indicated, wasn’t hers to make.

“According to the ordinance, it’s a done deal that the rates would have to be increased,”

An ordinance that city council passed three years ago, which has to be implemented. Washington reported that after the meeting, she feels more at ease with it all.

“At least bringing up to an even level, rather than trying to put a band-aid on things all the time,” she said.

Mayor Hayden revealed that she’s been on the ground working to make Tallulah better and she wants to continue that for the next four years..

“I am running for the mayor of the city of tallulah.”

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