Tallulah residents haven’t been shy in expressing their concern over their city.

“I live here I’m concerned about Tallulah. Our biggest issue now is clean drinking water we have no clean drinking water”, says resident and former city council member Gloria Owen-Hayden. 

Alvin Bagby says he’s ready for a change. “Our agenda is to bring about transparency and balance and equality in city hall.”

Someone in Tallulah decided to take their concerns to the Secretary of State’s office with a petition demanding the recall of Mayor Paxton Branch. The mayor says he just got the news today.

“I found out on Facebook”, says Mayor Branch.

But he says he’s not worried about the potential outcome. He says he’s staying focused on his job.

“Really here to make sure that the city of Tallulah moves forward”, says the mayor.

The registrar’s office confirms there are a total of 4,852 qualified voters within the city limits of Tallulah In order to get the required amount of signatures to get the petition passed there has to be 33% of those voters signatures. 

That’s just over 1600 signatures. And residents have 180 days from the date it was filed, August 13th to do it.

Alvin Bagby says this petition is exactly what the city needs. 

“It brings an awakening and awareness to a long time problem in Tallulah that went under the cover”, says Bagby.

The Tallulah native says he wants what he feels is best for his community.

“Change…give the people a fair chance to get a better quality of life”, says Bagby.

But others feel if leadership can come together the fate of the city will determine itself. 

“The mayor and the council can make Tallulah great again”, says Owen-Hayden.

It is unclear where signatures are being collected or how many there are so far.

However, if Tallulah gets the required number of signatures it goes back to the Secretary of State’s office to be validated, and a date set for a special election .