Monroe, La(KTVE/KARD) – Now that summer is here, more people will be getting in the water and safety will be a priority for many families. And as many families return to water activities at pools, lakes and beaches, the risk of drowning rises high. So here are some simple, but critical steps you should know before jumping in the water. 

Certified swimming instructor, Katherine Laboy says some of the most common causes of drowning are not knowing your surroundings, lack of supervision, and the inability to swim.

“Main number one is to always look around and assess your surroundings, and make sure it is safe before you get in.” She says.

Laboy says not looking before you jump, since the water could be deep or shallow, may cause some injuries. She explains the three main safety measurements you should know before jumping in the water.

“Don’t swim alone, ever. It’s not safe, you could get a cramp. Even the best of swimmers, it’s super dangerous. And also, just be sure someone knows where you are at all times especially when it comes to water. Water safety course, I can even offer just basic water survival.” Says Laboy.

Some parents say bringing their children to swimming classes brings them a piece of mind when they’re in the water. 

“I think as a parent you always have that fear, but it’s much much less.” Says Katie Boudloch.

Another parent says just knowing swimming safety measurements can make a difference in someone’s life.

“Me personally, I can’t swim. And I just feel like having water safety, and the kids knowing how to swim can possibly save them and another child’s life.” Says Lasha Reynolds.

Katherine Laboy wants to remind the community that checking your surroundings before jumping in the water is definitely one of the main critical steps you should always follow in order to prevent from drowning.