Swartz woman says racial vandalism was targeted at her biracial children

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Racial vandalism.                                                                                                                                    The only words that describe this  message plastered on Jessica Waller’s front door. 

“When i opened the front door is when i see the spray paint that said ‘Be white vote Trump 2020’ from top to bottom,” said Waller. 

Words she feels was targeted at her three biracial children.
A hated-filled topic brought to her doorstep of her Swartz home. 

“Racism still exist. No matter how much anyone wants to say it doesn’t. I’ve done a very good job of preparing my children for that, but I don’t think either one of us could have been prepared to open our door and have it spray painted top to bottom.” :

Waller said she reached out to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office for help, but instead of being treated like a victim. She was told there was a warrant out for her arrest. 

“I said sir why would I bring you to my home if I had a warrant for my arrest,” said Waller.

We reached out to OPSO for answers. 
According to their records, there was an active warrant out for Waller. 
But because of a change to her court date, they did not arrest her. 

“To have to sit here and tell my son they fixing to take me over a mistake and see the tears in his eyes,” said Waller. 

A terrifying end to  an already troubling night. 
Waller covering the hurtful words herself. 
Teaching her children to be strong when faced with adversity. 

“We’ll never be able to change the people that are racist. Some of them are raised that way some of them change later. Some of them don’t. We cant control that but we can control making our children confident in themselves,” said Waller. 

So far Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office said no arrest have been made in the case.
As for allegations of deputy misconduct, OPSO said they have yet to receive a complaint. 

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